Top Stories: Unrest In Afghanistan, More Shelling In Syria

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Will Killings Over Quran Burnings Lead To Faster Pullout From Afghanistan?

Santorum Defends Saying JFK Speech On Religion Makes Him Sick.

WikiLeaks Starts Posting Millions Of Security Firm Stratfor’s Emails.

Developing: Shooting At High School In Chardon, Ohio.

Other stories in the news:

— “Syrian Army Shells Homs And Northern Towns In Idlib.” (BBC News)

— “Yemen’s Saleh Will Seek Exile In Ethiopia, Aides Say.” (The Associated Press)

— Train Derailment Near Toronto “Kills 3, Injures Dozens.” (Toronto Sun)

— Plot To Assassinate Russian President Putin Reportedly Foiled. (Reuters)

— “Silent No More, ‘The Artist’ Wins 5 Oscars.” (Monkey See)

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