Widespread Tornadoes Across Tennessee And Ohio Valleys Leave Three Dead

Yet another line of extreme weather is cutting across a wide swath of the country today.

Citing the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the AP reports that three people have been killed in southern Indiana. (Keep in mind that in these situations, this number is bound to change.)

RTV 6 in Indianapolis reports that authorities are still trying to get a handle on the damage.

The local station reports:

“The Ripley County Sheriff’s Department told WCPO that four people had died in that county.

“Multiple people are unaccounted for in Henryville after a tornado ripped through a school in the southern Indiana town just off Interstate 65, ISP Capt. Dave Bursten said.

“Authorities reported widespread damage in several communities, and a sheriff’s official said the town of Marysville, just east of Henryville, is ‘completely gone.'”

What’s clear is that today will be a long night. The National Weather Service is expecting more severe weather through a large area that extends from Indiana and Ohio through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

We’ll update this blog with the latest. So make sure to hit your refresh button.

Update at 5:23 p.m. ET. The Scene In Indiana:

From our earlier blog, we’ll add this important alert from the AP:

“Authorities say tornadoes have left widespread damage in southern Indiana and a sheriff’s official says at least one town is ‘completely gone.’

“National Weather Service coordinator Bill Whitlock says the agency is tracking ‘extreme damage’ in the Henryville area, about 20 miles north of Louisville, Ky.

“Clark County Sheriff’s Department Maj. Chuck Adams says the nearby town of Marysville is ‘completely gone.'”

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