Pittsfield Mass. Radio Station Drops Rush Limbaugh After Contraception Controversy

A commercial radio station in Pittsfield, Massachusetts — WBEC 1420 —   says it is  dropping the Rush Limbaugh show in  the wake of Limbaugh's comments on contraception last week.

Limbaugh called a Georgetown University Law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" after she testified before Congress about women's limited access to contraception. Since then, eight corporations including AOL, Quicken Loans and Carbonite have pulled their advertising from the show.'s roster of national advertisers. WBEC's General Manager Peter Barry says his station hadn't yet lost any local advertisers as a result of Rush's comments, and no more than a handful of callers had voiced complaints. But he says over the years he and station staff have grown increasingly uncomfortable with Limbaugh's rhetoric.

"The nature of Rush's programming has always presented challenges for us and he's always pushed the envelope. But this time he's taken it too far."

Barry says he doesn't anticipate that the station will broadcast Limbaugh's program in the future. He says the station has yet to fill the afternoon 12-3 time slot. Limbaugh has apologized to the law student for his choice of words. Attempts to reach Limbaugh's company were not successful.

KPUA -FM in Hilo, Hawaii, has also announced it will drop Limbaugh;s show.