Top Stories: Defection In Syria? Solar Flares; Congress Tackles Jobs Bill

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

In Video, Man Said To Be Syrian Oil Ministry Official Says He’s Defecting.

House Expected To OK Jobs Bill In ‘Rare Agreement’ With Obama.

Jobless Claims Rise By 8,000.

Other stories in the news:

— “Solar Flares Speeding Toward Earth.” (Bill’s post from Wednesday.)

— “U.S. Warns Apple, Publishers” About Alleged “Collusion Over E-Book Pricing.” (The Wall Street Journal)

— “Intractable Afghan Graft Hampering U.S. Strategy.” (The New York Times)

— “World Powers Back ‘Sustained Dialogue’ On Iran Nuclear Program.” (CNN)

— Sources Say 12 NFL Teams Have Contacted Quarterback Peyton Manning’s Representatives. (ESPN)

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