Top Stories: Deal On Greek Debt; Key Step In Afghanistan

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Unemployment Rate Likely Held Steady At 8.3 Percent, Economists Say.

Deal To Hand Over Prison To Afghans Is Key To Transition, U.S. General Says.

Greece Takes Critical Step Toward Avoiding Bankruptcy.

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Is Buying ‘The New Republic’.

Other stories in the news:

— A Year On From Earthquake, Tsunami And Nuclear Accident, “Japan Is Still Looking For The Road Ahead.” (Morning Edition)

— “Syria Opposition Chief Rejects Talks” With Assad Regime. (The Associated Press)

— “Kony 2012: The Rise Of Online Campaigning.” (BBC News)

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— “Massive Solar Storm Triggers Northern Lights (Photos).” (CNet News)

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