Develop Springfield Announces Leadership Team To Rebuild, Revitalize City

Develop Springfield, the private entity charged with overseeing the city’s revitalization efforts following last year’s tornadoes, has announced its leadership team to help lead the implementation of a master plan.

The team leaders, who are divided equally from the public and private sectors, will be overseeing specific objectives called for in the so-called Rebuild Springfield Master Plan. Six will supervise efforts in three districts directly impacted by the June 1st tornadoes, including continuing to help affected residents and rebuilding damaged properties. Ten people will have control over six domains or areas critical to the city’s future economic development, from education and culture to health and public safety. Kevin Sweeney, Develop Springfield’s executive director, says unlike previous master plans, the use of team leaders will ensure accountability in carrying out this latest plan.
“Whether it’s with respect to a specific tornado-impacted district or with respect to a social or educational or economic or other domain, we’re going to have people that own those pieces and can say these are the deliverables we need to meet and this when we we’re going to get it done. And so the people of Springfield know that there’s actually people getting things done.”

Sweeney says the team leaders will meet soon to identify some of those deliverables they think can be accomplished over the next six months, and develop an operational plan for the longer-term rebuilding effort.