Top Stories: Trayvon Martin Case; Mega Millions Mystery; Credit Cards At Risk

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Trayvon Martin Case: Voice Calling For Help Isn’t Zimmerman’s, Experts Say.

Mega Millions Mystery: Who Won?

Bin Laden’s Wives, Daughters Sentenced To 45 Days Detention, Deportation.

Other stories in the news:

– “1.5 Million Card Numbers At Risk From Hack.” (

– “Plane Carrying 43 Crashes In Siberia; 31 Dead.” (The Associated Press)

– “Suu Kyi Hails ‘Triumph Of The People’ After Myanmar Election Win.” (

– Public Policy Polling Survey Puts Romney Ahead By 7 Points In Wisconsin. (Politico)

– Kansas, Kentucky Tip Off At 9:23 ET In Men’s NCAA Basketball Final. (

– “Notre Dame, Baylor To Meet For NCAA Women’s Final.” (The Associated Press)

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