South Deerfield, Mass. Student Has a Role in American Revolution Ceremony in Boston

A ceremony commemorating the 237th anniversary of the start of the American Revolution will be held this weekend at the Old North Church in Boston. The event includes a lighting of lanterns like the ones used to warn Boston that the British were coming.  A South Deerfield middle school student whose father is deployed in Afghanistan, will be there, along with veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride reportedly began at the Old North Church. In a ceremony Sunday night, two lanterns that depict those hung in the steeple to warn of the British arrival will be carried by two young people whose fathers are overseas with the Massachusetts Army National Guard.   They are among the 13-thousand children in the state with a parent  serving in the military,  according to the Department of Defense.  12 year old Lauren Adams lives in South Deerfield, her father is Daniel Adams. This is his 2nd tour, his first was in Iraq when she was a baby. Lauren says what he’s doing today echoes the past.

“I think there is a connection. I guess it has to do both with freedom from the British and giving other people freedom.”

Lauren’s mother Jackie Adams  says she hopes her daughter  takes away from the ceremony a new awareness of the cycle of history and war.

“… and to realize in the history we’ve had plenty of people that have fought for our freedom and understanding that history, repeats itself, unfortunately.”

Jackie Adams says Lauren’s father Daniel is expected home in November.