In Colorado, Frozen Cows Are A Conundrum In Conundrum

Officials from the U.S. Forest Service say they aren’t yet sure what to do about six cows who apparently got trapped and died inside a cabin at Conundrum Hot Springs in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area south of Aspen.

It is, you might say, the conundrum in Conundrum.

According to the Aspen Daily News:

“Blowing the animals up with explosives, burning the cabin or leaving them are all being considered. The area is off-limits to motorized use so trucks and chain saws aren’t options. Neither is a helicopter, which is too expensive, according to Forest Service officials. The area is still difficult to access and horses wouldn’t be able to negotiate the steep descent, according to officials.”

But officials do want to get the carcasses out of there before they defrost, so that bears and other creatures aren’t attracted to the spot — which is in a popular area for hiking. There’s also concern about contamination of the water supply in the area.

FoxNews21 says the cows were discovered by two Air Force Academy cadets who were hoping to stay in the cabin. They chose to move on instead.

It’s thought that the cows were part “of a herd of 29 cattle that went missing last fall from the nearby Gunnison National Forest,” the Daily News adds.

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