Top Stories: Syrian Peace Plan ‘Unraveling;’ Photos From Afghanistan

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

In Syria, Peace Plan ‘Is Unraveling’.

Pentagon Condemns Actions Of Soldiers Posing With Suicide Bombers’ Remains.

Ted Nugent Stands Firm, Secret Service To Look Into His Words About Obama.

Other stories making news:

— “Obama, Romney In Dead Heat Among Registered Voters.” (CBS News)

— Norway’s Mass Murderer Says “He Should Either Be Acquitted Or Executed;” A Jail Term Would Be “Pathetic.” (The Guardian)

— “Secret Service Inquiry Leads To Colombian Brothels.” (The New York Times)

— “GSA Official’s Wife Accompanied Him On Trips At Taxpayer Expense.” (The Washington Post)

— “Ozzie Guillen Back In Marlins’ Dugout, Promises To Manage His Mouth.” (Miami Herald)

— “Spanish King Juan Carlos Sorry For Botswana Hunt Trip.” (BBC News)

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