Secret Service Tightens Conduct Rules Following Prostitution Scandal

The fall out from the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia continues: Now the Secret Service says it is tightening and clarifying its policies for traveling employees.

NPR’s Tamara Keith spoke to a Secret Service spokesperson who says the Secret Service leadership detailed the changes in an internal message regarding personal conduct sent to all employees.

The new policy covers alcohol consumption and what types of businesses employees can patronize, Tamara tells our Newscast unit. “The Agency is also adding additional briefings on standards of conduct.”

As we reported, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano pledged on Wednesday that “the investigation into Secret Service agents who allegedly hired prostitutes this month in Cartagena, Colombia, ‘will be complete and thorough and we will leave no stone unturned.'”

The change comes a day after a news report from a local newstation alleged that Secret Service employees had engaged with prostitutes during a trip to El Salvador in March of 2011.

The Secret Service said yesterday that it would look into new allegations if they were “assessed as credible.”

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