Elizabeth Warren Leaps Over Primary Challenge In Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren will not have to face a Democratic primary challenger in the Massachusetts Senate race. At the state’s Democratic Convention today, Warren secured more than 95 percent of the delegate vote.

Lynn Jolicoeur of member station WBUR tells our Newscast Unit that is the largest margin ever in such a race in Massachusetts. Warren’s challenge now is incumbent Sen. Scott Brown.

The Boston Herald reports state Democratic Party chair John Walsh said Warren would “make Massachusetts families proud”:

“Elizabeth Warren made history today because of the strength of her impressive grassroots organization and her record as a tireless advocate for middle class families throughout Massachusetts.”

Avoiding a primary with immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco, Jolicoeur says Warren is now focusing all her attention on a close race with Brown. Warren did so in her speech before the vote, as stated in prepared remarks from her campaign:

“Whoever he once was, I can tell you who he is now: Scott Brown is a Wall Street Republican. A big oil Republican. A Mitt Romney Republican.”

Warren also evoked Sen. Ted Kennedy, saying she would do her “best to honor his memory” and that “it’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown.”

New polls from The Boston Globe and Western New England University show Warren and Brown are in for a close battle.

Warren’s boost today follows controversy over her claims to Native American heritage. As we reported Thursday, she acknowledged that she told law schools at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania of her background. Her campaign has said that she is 1/32nd Cherokee.

The Globe poll found that 72 percent of voters said the issue will not affect their vote, but 31 percent of self-described independents said it makes them less like to support her.

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