Top Stories: Plane Crash In Nigeria; Suicide Bombing In Baghdad

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Nigeria Mourns ‘National Disaster;’ Plane Crash Killed Scores.

George Zimmerman Back In Jail; Attorney Preparing New Bond Motion.

Tiger Woods’ Incredible Chip: You Can Do It Too (Yeah, Right).

Other news:

— “Suicide Car Bomb Kills 23 In Central Baghdad.” (The Associated Press)

— American Drone Strike “Kills 15 In Northwest Paksitan,” Officials Say. (Reuters)

— “Intrigue In Karzai Family As An Afghan Era Closes.” (The New York Times)

— “U.S. Stock Futures Edge Higher” On Hopes “For Some Relief For Spanish Banks.” (The Wall Street Journal)

— As Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Continue, “Pop Royalty To Play For Queen.” (BBC News)

— “U.S. Works To Rebuild Ties In Asia-Pacific.” (Morning Edition)

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