Investigation Into Fatal Shooting Of Springfield Cop Continues While City Plans Funeral Services

Funeral services are set for the Springfield police officer who was killed Monday after responding to a domestic call, and the investigation of the shooting and the assailant’s apparent suicide continues.
 The body of Officer Kevin Ambrose was taken to the state medical examiner’s office in Boston Tuesday for an autopsy.  A wake for Ambrose will be held Thursday from 2 to 7 pm at the Chapel of The Acres on Tinkham Road. And  his funeral will take place Friday morning at 11 at Saint Catherine Of Sienna Church on Parker Street. Thousands of police officers from across the state and country are expected to be in attendance. James Machado is a Sergeant with the Fall River Police Department and executive director of the Massachusetts Police Association. He calls Ambrose’s death a tragic loss not only for his immediate family, but also for the extended family of law enforcement colleagues who share Ambrose’s sense of purpose and duty.
“I think this situation illustrates it best. An officer was called to a scene. He found the situation and he immediately responded. He didn’t sit and wait. He didn’t wait for back-up. There was a situation that needed to be taken care of, and he felt that it was his duty to go and take care of that situation. Sometimes in so doing we get ourselves in situations or events occur that don’t end up happily. But it’s that sense of service, that dedication to duty that unites us all together.”
Meanwhile, Charlene Mitchell, the lone survivor who was shot by her estranged boyfriend Shawn Bryan, is reportedly in stable condition at U-Mass Medical Center in Worcester, where she was transferred earlier Tuesday. A statement from the New York City Department of Correction says Bryan had been employed there since 2009 as a Correction Officer assigned to Riker’s Island, and had recently been qualified to carry an off-duty personal firearm, a Glock Model 19. Springfield police say they recovered a handgun inside Bryan’s car where he allegedly killed himself.