LISTEN: NPR Hosts, Reporters Take On ‘Call Me Maybe’

It could very well end up being the song of this summer. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” a sunny pop song about a nascent crush, is No. 2 on the pop charts and No. 1 on iTunes.

But, perhaps the bigger sign that it has just creeped everywhere is when someone on the Internet mashes up a President Obama remix.

With that as inspiration, producer Brent Baughman cornered some NPR personalities and put together a, um, dramatic reading of “Call Me Maybe.”

(Yes, yes, we will all get back to the news in just a little bit.)

Weekend on All Things Considered‘s Guy Raz talked to Jepsen for Saturday’s show. And she tells him that the weirdest place she’s heard her hit is at an Atlanta strip club:

The full interview airs Saturday beginning at 5 p.m. ET. on your local NPR member station. And if you’re wondering, here are all the hosts and reporters who participated: Robert Seigel, Melissa Block, Ari Shapiro, Nina Totenberg, Scott Simon, David Greene, Susan Stamberg, Audie Cornish, Rachel Martin, Bob Mondello and Guy Raz.

Oh and in annals of “things that you should not judge on NPR on,” is also NPR’s spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.”

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