Developers Promote Road Plan For Proposed Springfield Casino

In their effort to garner support from local residents, developers of a proposed casino in Springfield have unveiled a road plan off Interstate 291 they say should ease traffic concerns. Ameristar Casinos says it has been holding meetings with city planners and engineers, as well as neighborhood groups about the road and bridge access th company wants to build to serve its planned $ 500 million resort at the former Westinghouse complex on Page Boulevard. Spokesman Troy Stremming says the plan, which he estimates will cost around $ 50 million, involves adding dedicated roadways parallel to I-291, including elevated lanes and an overpass, that would lead traffic directly onto the proposed casino site. He says the plan addresses the number one concern among neighborhood residents that traffic heading to the proposed casino would further disrupt already busy local roadways such as Roosevelt Avenue and Page Boulevard.
“There’s no doubt with an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in a resort casino that there will be increased traffic. And we believe that this proposal will keep about 90% of that additional traffic off of the current roadways.”
Stremming says the proposed road project would not require the purchase or taking of any additional private land. He says his company is also moving forward on design plans it hopes to present soon to the local community on what the proposed casino would look like. Ameristar, which bought the 41-acre site last November, is one of several companies vying to build a casino in western Massachusetts under the state’s new gambling law