Northampton Start-Up Launches Neurofeedback Headband

Neurofeedback — a therapy designed to help people train their brains to perform better — is used to treat depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder, among others. Now, a 21-year-old Northampton, Massachusetts native wants to turn neurofeedback into the next consumer “it”-product.  Arye Barnehama and his classmate Laura Berman dropped out of college in California to launch what they’re calling the “Axio Headband” — a portable device to help people learn how to focus.  I recently met up with Barnehama at his workspace in Florence, where he and the company’s engineer Janus Ternullo were working out the headband’s final design. They’re preparing for their first big product demonstration next week in San Francisco. Barnehama says his company Axio is building upon 20 years of clinical research into neurofeedback, as well as previous efforts to enter the consumer marketplace. (for more information, go to