More Science and Lab for High Schoolers Seeking UMass Admission

Massachusetts high school students will soon be required to take at least three years of lab-based science classes to get into the state’s public universities. The The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education announced the new entry requirements yesterday. 
Currently, students looking to get into a four year university in Massachusetts have to take 3 years of high school science but only two of them need to be lab based.  And those classes have to be in biology, physics, or chemistry.
But starting in 2017, high school seniors will need to have 3 years of lab based courses.  And courses in computers, engineering, and
technology will count.
Massachusetts Education Secreatary Paul Reville says the new entry requirements will better prepare Massachusetts college grads to compete in key industries.
“That’s where the future is in terms of jobs coming to Massachusetts.”
Reville also says hopefully the emphasis on experimentation and problem solving will persuade more kids with scientific inclinations
to stay in the sciences:
We have what I call an inspiration gap in Massachusetts. We do better than any other state than average in terms of test scores in math and science.  And yet what are students expressed what they’re interested in and majoring in college we are well below the national average in terms of interest expressed in stem majors.  Kids aren’t excited.
Reville says he worries traditional science education shuts out too many kids at a time when the state needs more scientists and