Storms Lash Out After Sweltering Heat

Storms began pounding the mid-Atlantic Friday night, after temperatures hit record highs during the day. Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia were pummeled. The Associated Press says the states were whipped with heavy winds, including a report of speeds of 75 mph in Maryland.

The National Weather Service has reported one death and three injuries in Virginia. The AP says nearly 2 million people have lost power.

Blaring heat fed the storms, CNN reports.

“It’s part of a massive system that has left one in three Americans baking in scorching heat and has threatened lives and doled out misery for those not fortunate enough to find a splash of cool water or air conditioning.”

CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller says about 100 million people across the central and eastern U.S. were affected by heat warnings, watches or advisories Friday.

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