Top Stories: Obama To Pitch Tax-Cut Extension; Heat Wave Breaks

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Reports: Obama To Pitch One-Year Extension Of Tax Cuts For ‘Middle Class’.

In Afghanistan: Bomb Kills Six Americans; Shocking Video Of Woman’s Execution.

Ahhh! Some Relief From The Heat.

Our weekend posts:

Oscar-Winner Ernest Borgnine Dies At 95.

Federer Dashes U.K.’s Hopes With Wimbledon Win.

U.S. Gives Afghanistan New Ally Status As Part Of 2014 Transition.

Barney Frank Gets Married; The Bridegrooms Wore Black.

And some of today’s other top stories:

– Annan says he held “constructive” talks with Syria’s Assad. (BBC News)

– “Egypt’s Morsi orders parliament to reconvene.” (Al-Jazeera)

– “Cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies.” (The New York Times)

– Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney “raised $106 million in June.” (ABC News)

– Palestinian president OKs letting experts take samples of Yasser Arafat’s remains to test for poison. (Agence France Presse)

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