Real-Life Horror: Many Killed, Dozens Wounded At Colorado Movie Theater

The latest:


— At least 12 people are dead, police say. The death toll had earlier been reported as 14. But at 7:50 a.m. ET, Aurora, Colo., police spokeswoman Sgt. Cassidee Carlson told NPR the number had been revised.


— Another 38 or so were injured, according to police. That figure was also revised, around 8:30 a.m. ET. Earlier, authorities had said about 50 people were hurt.


— One suspect is in custody. The FBI says there’s no sign of a connection to terrorism. Around 8:45 a.m ET, federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told NPR that the suspect’s name is James Holmes. The Associated Press said it has been told by sources that he is “a 24-year-old white American.”


The story:


A midnight screening of the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises turned into a horribly real scene of death and destruction in Aurora, Colo., early Friday when a gunman opened fire on the audience.


The initial report from Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates was that at least 14 people were killed and another 50 or so had been wounded. Later, police said there were 12 fatalities. A suspect was arrested shortly after the rampage and he’s thought to have acted alone. Fearing that the gunman’s apartment may be rigged with explosive booby traps, authorities evacuated the nearby area.


The Denver Post writes that:


“A witness, Benjamin Fernandez, 30, said he was watching the movie when he heard a series of explosions. He said that people ran from the theater and there were gunshots as police shouted ‘get down!’

“Fernandez said he saw people falling, including one young girl.”

We’ll be following this story as the day continues.