Tragedy In Colorado: The Latest

The latest:

— President Obama is headed to Aurora today to meet with the families of the victims. Obama, reports USA Today, is also scheduled to meet with state and local officials.

— By evening, Aurora Police said that “all hazards” had been removed from the suspect’s apartment. Residents in surrounding buildings were allowed to return home after law enforcement conducted a controlled detonation.

— The Aurora Coroner released a full list of the victims. We’ve collected them on a separate post along with short biographies.

The story:

On Friday, a gunman walked into a midnight screening of the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises and opened fire. Police suspect 24-year-old James Holmes first threw either tear gas, smoke or a chemical irritant of some kind into the theater, then used three weapons to shoot into the crowd.

Twelve were killed, another 58 people were injured and at least seven of those were in critical condition by yesterday afternoon.

We will keep tabs on the story as the progresses. So click refresh to read the latest updates.

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