Cheer Up Toronto, 16-0 Loss Isn’t A Major League Worst

As bad as the players on the Toronto Blue Jays must feel about losing to the Oakland Athletics by a score of 16-0 Wednesday night, they can at least take comfort in knowing that other teams have suffered worse losses in the past.

As Yahoo Sports recounted:

— Philadelphia’s Phillies were pounded by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1929. Final score: 28-6.

— Brooklyn’s Dodgers thumped the New York Giants in 1944, winning 26-8.

— The Chicago White Sox destroyed the then-Kansas City Athletics 29-6 in 1955.

— And in 2007, the Baltimore Orioles watched as the Texas Rangers scored 30 runs. The Orioles reached home just three times.

The Rangers’ 30 runs is a “modern era” record for most in one game, by the way.

So take heart, Blue Jays. It could have been — and has been — worse.

Then again, at least in those previous debacles the losing teams scored.

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