MA Legislature Passes Resolution Calling for Reversal of Citizens United

In the final day of its formal session, the Massachusetts legislature passed a resolution calling on congress to reverse the controversial Citizens United supreme court decision. Massachusetts became the seventh state in the country to pass a resolution to overturn the law. Under Citizens United, corporations can donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns through groups known as Super PACs. 

John Bonifaz is the executive director of Free Speech for People, an organization working to overturn Citizens United. He says overturning the law is a bipartisan effort, and believes that even a Republican-controlled congress will eventually act on a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision.

“It may not be… where Republicans in Washington are right away, but we’re confident that over time, with more and more states demonstrating that they’re calling for an amendment, that congress will follow the people’s will with this kind of pressure.”

Bonifaz says he expects up to a dozen more states to pass similar measures in the next year. The Massachusetts resolution was brought to the state legislature after 68 cities and towns, including Amherst, Northampton, and Conway, passed resolutions to overturn the law.

Massachusetts joins Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, California, New Mexico, and Hawaii in calling for congress to reverse the US Supreme Court decision.