MA Governor Deval Patrick Vetoes Funding for Berkshire County DA

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick approved most of the state’s supplemental budget this week, totaling forty million dollars. But Patrick also vetoed nearly $3 million previously approved by the state legislature.  But those vetoes included some funding for the Berkshire County District Attorney’s office.

Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless says that more than $96,000 in state funds were set to pay for new facilities for several state police units housed in the basement of the Berkshire DA’s office – until Governor Patrick vetoed the funds yesterday. Now, Capeless says, his office is back to square one.

“We were just about to sit down and approve all of the…drawings and everything to go forward with the build-out for the space, and I guess this going to get put on hold once again for awhile until we get this sorted out.”
Capeless says plans to relocate the state police unit have been in the works for four years, but says his office will wait until the next legislative session to try again for funding. 
Alex Ziroulis is a spokesperson for the state’s Executive Office of Administration and Finance. She says Patrick vetoed the Berkshire DA’s additional funds because its funding was already increased in the state budget.
“Every DA is treated the same and every DA received a 5% increase in FY ’13, up from FY ’12.”
Patrick’s veto comes after the end of the formal legislative session, so legislators would have to reconvene in an emergency session to override the governor.