Romney, Ryan Surrogates Trade Shots On Sunday Talk Shows

We’re keeping our ear on the Sunday talk shows this morning. Obviously the topic of the day is Rep. Paul Ryan, whom the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen as his running mate.

We’ll update this post with the highlights as the morning progresses:

— On Meet The Press, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says that adding Ryan to the ticket gives the American people what they want: A politician who speaks hard truths and is willing to make tough decisions despite political consequence.

Walker adds that with Ryan, Wisconsin all of a sudden becomes competitive for Republicans.

— David Axelrod, one of Obama’s senior strategists, was also on Meet The Press. He did not hold back. His message was that with Ryan, the Republicans are choosing a set of policy that gives the rich massive tax cuts, while slashing programs that benefit the poor and middle class.

The Romney/Ryan economic plan, said Axelrod, “is a prescription for economic catastrophe.”

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