Top Stories: Another Death In Afghanistan; Intense Fighting In Syria

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

In Afghanistan, A Struggle To Stem Deaths From ‘Insider Attacks.’

Missouri GOP Senate Candidate’s Remarks On Rape Stir Controversy.

‘I Function Off Fear,’ Said Director Tony Scott, Who Died Sunday.

Congressman Who Took Nude Dip In Sea Of Galilee Apologizes.

Wife Of Ex-Chinese Official Given Suspended Death Sentence.

Other stories in the news:

— “Intense Fighting Rages In Aleppo.” (The Associated Press)

— “Pew! Pew! Pew! NASA’s Curiosity Rover Zaps Mars Rock With Laser.” (

— “Pakistan President Orders Probe Into Christian Girl’s Blasphemy Case.” (Los Angeles Times)

“Myanmar Government Abolishes Direct Media Censorship.” (Reuters)

— Diana Dyad “Feeling Strong” During Latest Attempt To Make Cuba-To-Keys Swim. (

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