Holyoke Names Creative Economy Industry Coordinator

The city of Holyoke has announced its choice today for its new Creative Economy Industry Coordinator. The position will be filled by Holyoke resident Jeffrey Bianchine who owns a local portrait studio company. Mayor Alex Morse proposed the position in April, after discussing it during his mayoral campaign last year.  Marcos Marrero is director of the city’s Planning and Economic Development office. He says the new coordinator will help foster relationships between existing arts, cultural, and media businesses in the city, and look for ways to attract more arts-related businesses.

“We have a lot of space to grow in Holyoke,” Marrero says, “and literally I mean space. And so as we see this develop, this can be a real engine to create the demand for not just businesses, but housing that will house people who will work in these businesses, and other businesses that will be complimentary.”

The city has allotted $43,000 for the coordinator’s salary. The position will be re-assessed in two years. Bianchine will begin the new job on September 24th.