Reports: Obama Administration Will Unveil New Fuel-Efficiency Standards

The Obama administration is set to announce new fuel efficiency standards that would require cars in the United States to average 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025, the Detroit Free-Press and the Detroit News are are reporting.

As the Detroit Free-Press reports, President Obama got this process rolling in 2010, when he asked the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to come up with standards that would lead to new and cleaner cars on the roads.

The administration along with auto makers and environmentalists struck a deal last year that led this new agreement. The Free Press reports:

“To achieve the new standards automakers will need to develop new technologies and manufacturing processes that will cost the industry billions.

“The administration says the new standards will spur economic growth and create high-quality domestic jobs in cutting edge industries across America.

“Critics say the new standards will make cars too costly for average Americans and that the regulations favor the Detroit Three truck makers.”

The AP reports the new standards will double the mileage automobiles are required to provide currently.

The Washington Post spoke to Phyllis Cuttino of Pew’s Clean Energy Program. She called the rules “historic,” saying the country has made incredible transition. In 2007, she told the Post, Congress argued over whether cars in the country could average 30 mpg.

“This gives me hope for energy policy in this country,” Cuttino told the Post.

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