New Poll Results Show Some Stability; Some Surprises

With just four weeks to go before next month’s election, Western New England University has released a new poll about the Massachusetts US Senate race.

The latest survey results show — despite the race being high profile — the percentages for Republican US Senator Scott Brown and his rival, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, remain fairly stable. Tim Vercellotti directs Western New England University’s Polling Institute. He says three weeks ago, Warren garnered 50 percent, Brown 44. The current poll has Warren at 50 percent, Brown at 45.  But, says Vercellotti, the movement by gender is striking:

“Warren has a lead of 61 percent to 35 percent among women, so a 26 point lead. Whereas she was up by 15 points a few weeks ago. Brown has an 18 point lead among men, 56 percent to 38 percent. that was a 5 point lead 3 weeks ago. So we see the genders choosing up sides here.”

Vercellotti says there was one other unexpected result in the most recent poll:

“Not a single Republican likely voter said they would support Elizabeth Warren for senate.  And among those Republican likely voters, not a single one said they would change their mind between now and election day.”

The next debate between the two candidates is Wednesday evening at 7 in Springfield.  The poll was conducted in partnership with the Republican newspaper and It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4-point-7 percent.