State Officials Announce Plan to Bring New Businesses to Springfield

Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development says he has a bold new plan to encourage businesses to move to western Massachusetts. The announcement was made at an annual event hosted by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

Nearly 600 people were in attendance at the event. Jeff Ciuffreda, the chamber’s president, says this gathering recognizes bright spots in the region’s sluggish economy.

“Sometimes we see about the layoffs or the cutbacks, but there are sixty businesses right here, and these are just the winners, that are doing very well. So, it’s kind of an uplifting, I think that’s what people come for, get a little bit of good news, and see that all is not gloom and doom.”

State secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki said the state is starting several initiatives to grow the western Massachusetts economy, particularly in the Springfield area. Bialecki says the state will reach out to fifty Northeast businesses in the coming year, primarily financial and technology companies, in the hopes they will set up shop in the region.

“The objective of all these efforts is to demonstrate that working together, we can accelerate the growth of this region’s economy, and put it firmly on the path to economic recovery. Governor Patrick and I believe this region has all the fundamentals to make that success happen.”

Bialecki says the state will also work to promote advanced manufacturing, which he says could bring hundreds of jobs to western Massachusetts.