In Wake of Storm, Massachusetts Communities Defer Tricks and Treats

A number of cities and towns throughout Western Massachusetts are postponing Halloween festivities until the weekend. Monson and Northfield have pushed back trick-or-treating and each town’s parade until Sunday, and Holyoke’s ghouls and goblins will hit the streets on Saturday.

Mayor Alex Morse says as Holyoke prepared for Hurricane Sandy this past weekend, teachers and students flooded city hall with calls persuading the mayor along with police and fire departments to postpone the trick-or-treating tradition. He says after the snowstorm last October, they wanted to be sure the bad weather wouldn’t mean another Halloween lost for the city’s youth.

“Just in the case that there are any loose limbs or trees or…we wanted to prepare for the worst just in case the storm did hit Holyoke directly. And that we had time to pick up wires and trees. It’s better to over prepare rather than under prepare. And I think that’s what we did. And I think this weekend we’ll have decent weather. It may not be the warmest, but it will be clear.”

Morse says come Saturday, he’s expecting flocks of trick-or-treaters in all the regular “hot spots.” He says when it comes to collecting sweet treats, the city’s youth know where to look.

“I think kids still think the bigger the house the bigger the candy bar. So we have a lot of different neighborhoods that are hotspots for trick or treating. The Churchhill section, Oakdale, The Highlands, The Fruit Bowl are always very popular places.”

Despite the postponement, Morse says City Hall will be open tomorrow from 10 a-m to 4:30 p-m for the city’s youngest trick-or-treaters. He says many city departments will be dressing up to hand out candy. But he says he’s yet to decide if he’ll show up in disguise.