Bail Appeals Heard for Defendants in UMass Rape Case

Bail hearings are moving forward for four Pittsfield, Massachusetts teenagers accused of raping a UMass Amherst student last month and originally held on $10,000 bail. One of the defendants request for a bail reduction was approved Monday in Hampshire Superior Court.

Adam Liccardi faces four rape charges, one more than the three charges faced by his co-defendants, but his bail was reduced to $2,500 cash. Two defendants, Justin King, and Emmanuel Bile posted bail last week. Bail was reduced to $3,500 for Bile, and King posted in full. The fourth defendant, Caleb Womack, is expected to post bail in full this week. 

Jennifer Suhl, assistant District Attorney representing the commonwealth in the case, says both the state and defense attorneys agreed to a $2,500 cash bail for all defendants except Womack, who now lives in Connecticut. But District Court Judge Mary Hearly raised bail for all of the defendants. Suhl says the defendants have each approached their bail appeal differently.

“Some of the defense attorneys decided to make different decisions as to whether or not they petition this court, and to what amount they petitioned this court for bail. And that’s the reason that the inconsistent results have happened, because of the different positions that the defense attorneys have taken in their request.”

The defendants must adhere to a list of bail conditions, including round-the-clock GPS monitoring, a daily curfew between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., and twice weekly probation reports. Some curfew exceptions were made for both Liccardi and Womack. Womack’s family moved to Connecticut the day after he was arrested. The defendants are due in court for a pre-trial hearing on December 10th.