Young Republicans React to Obama Victory

Early polling analysis from Tuesday’s election indicates that young voters turned out in numbers nearly equal to the high levels in 2008, and a solid majority of young people voted for President Obama. But as New England Public Radio’s Henry Epp reports, not all young voters are happy with the election’s results.

Exit polling data from the Tufts University Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement shows though Mr. Obama  won a smaller margin of the youth vote than in 2008, with 60% of the vote this year, compared to 66% in 2008. Still, a large majority of young people supported the President. But UMass Republican club leader David Kaufman says he was very disappointed by Tuesday’s results, especially in the Massachusetts senate race. He says the loss of Scott Brown in the senate is the loss of a bipartisan voice in a divided legislative branch.

“The fact that he was ranked the 2nd most bipartisan senator, that’s a big deal. That’s what’s going to fix our economy and our problems, not an Elizabeth Warren or a Michelle Bachman. They’re not going to come together on anything.”

Kaufman says he was also saddened by Mitt Romney’s loss, but says he hopes President Obama leads the country well in his second term.

“I hope that he’s unbelievable, I hope thid economy turns around, I never would wish badly on him because that would mean bad on my country, and I love this country.”

Kaufman says he will continue to work for conservative causes on the economy and foreign policy.