Top Stories: Fiscal Cliff Compromise? Egypt’s Morsi Meets With Judges

Good morning.

Earlier, we posted about:

Outrage, Protests In Bangladesh After Factory Fire That Killed Scores.

‘Cyber Monday,’ ‘Giving Tuesday;’ Then ‘Weeping Wednesday?’.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other top headlines of the morning and from over the weekend:

— “Dems, GOP Signal Room For Compromise Ahead Of ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks.” (The Hill‘s Briefing Room blog)

— Battle For Damascus Has Begun, Syrian Rebel Commander Says. (NPR’s Deborah Amos, reporting from Turkey)

— “Syria Cluster Bomb Attack ‘Kills 10 Children,’ ” Activists Say. (BBC News)

— Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi May Be “Reaching Out For A Compromise” With Country’s Judges. (BBC News)

— “Congo Rebels Dig In Around Goma As Leader Heads For Talks.” (Reuters)

— Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, A Former Prime Minister, Retiring From Politics. (Haaretz)

— “Catalan Election Weakens Bid For Independence From Spain.” (Reuters)

— “No Powerball Winner; Jackpot Goes To Record $425 Million.” (The Associated Press)

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