Former MA Treasurer’s Case Ends in Mistrial

A mistrial was declared in the public corruption case of former Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill.  The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict.  Now Attorney General Martha Coakley has a dilemma decision to make. Coakley says she doesn’t know whether she will retry the case:

“Don’t know yet.  We’ll review our options going forward.”

Even though the jury could not agree on a verdict, Coakley says she stands by the charges:

“It was neither frivolous nor arbitrary for us to bring this case and ask a jury to decide it.” 

Some political figures around the state have questioned whether Coakley wasted time, energy and scarce, taxpayer resources to bring criminal charges against Cahill in the first place. 

Coakley is refusing to disclose how much money was spent trying the case…

“I don’t think you can put a price tag on investigating cases where the evidence at least brought to us and the ethics commission raised serious questions about public integrity.”

Coakley prosecuted Cahill under a new ethics law passed in the aftermath of SEVERAL political scandals.  Coakley says it’s too early to determine whether the law is too complicated or goes too far.  She says Public Corruption is always hard to prove, but it’s her duty to try when the evidence warrants it.