MA Treasurer Considers Divesting Pension of Gun Stock

The Massachusetts state pension fund is reviewing its investments in gun manufacturing companies to determine whether to divest in the wake of the school shootings in Connecticut.  

Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman has directed the state pension board to conduct aN analysis of its entire portfolio to determine the state’s financial stake in gun companies. 

“Our values have always been to protect people and gun control is something we believe in here.  I hope other people will take our example and take it to heart.”

Grossman stopped short of calling for divestment : 

“I think we need to have the discussion.  I also think we need to be mindful of what law enforcement needs, what the military needs.”

The state’s pension funds own stock in nearly 9,000 companies worldwide.  The pension board will conduct a complete inventory to better inform legislators who can decide the next course of action.