MA State Police are Looking for Owner of Lost Toys

Massachusetts State Police are looking for the owner of a bag of toys. They’d love to find that person or family before Christmas.

On Tuesday, December 18th state troopers received several calls about a bag in the roadway. Massachusetts State Trooper Steve Ahlstedt responded and discovered a large black trash bag containing numerous unwrapped toys on I-93 northbound in Boston. Massachusetts State Trooper Kenneth Gaetz says, while State Police are using their best techniques to try to uncover the owner of the toys, they have not yet succeeded.

“There was no receipt to follow up on the toys. There was just a black trash bag with the some children’s toys inside the bag. there was nothing leading back to a store of a family.”

While asked to describe what was in the bag, Gaetz says he does not want to reveal too much, as the owner should be able to identify the contents:

“There was a remote control car. But we are holding the identity of most of the toys so that when we do receive calls, they have to describe what’s in the bag and then we will know that they own those toys.”

In the hopes that the owner can be identified before Christmas, Gaetz says, if someone does have information they can do one of two things: contact the state police barracks at the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston or call State Police Media Relations at 508 820-2623.