MA’s Transportation Plan Will Be Late…But is Underway

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says his long-awaited transportation financing plan will come a week later than expected.
The governor has asked the Massachusetts Department of Transportation or MASSDOT board to revisit its recommendations to ensure they will provide for investment and growth throughout the Commonwealth, not just in the Boston area. The governor was briefed Thursday on the report by the MASSDOT board, and faces a Monday deadline for that plan to be presented to the legislature. But Patrick said it will be released to him and the House and Senate a week late on January 14th.  The report is expected to include a number of options to generate additional revenue, but the governor says he won’t endorse any until later in the month.

“I think the plan is going to contain a number of different kinds of financing options. and I’m not going to offer an opinion on those options probably until the
either the State of the Commonweath or my budget. But we will have a transportation plan that is not just about plugging holes and patching what’s broken, but really about investing in a transportation system worthy of a 21st century economy.”

The governor says the MASSDOT board started with a “very, very long list” of deferred maintenance and other projects that require funding, and has been working to whittle that list down to the most “high impact.”