MA Regulations Under Review

Governor Deval Patrick announced plans today to get rid of unnecessary regulations. Patrick is promising to streamline government regulations and make it easier for Massachusetts’ business community to grow.

Last march Patrick ordered a review of all government rules:

“The objective was to get rid of those that no longer serve a purpose and update those that have gone stale over the years.”

So far the administration has gone through 446 regualtions and wants to make changes to about half of them.  For instance, part time employees will now be able to work at more than one funeral home.  And the board of Registration of Barbers and the Board of Registration of Electrologists will be combined into one. Patrick says the point is to create a more friendly business climate.

“This work of modernizing our rules will remove unnecessary barriers to starting a small  business, make state government more efficient, and better allign our practices with national models.”

There about 1500 more sets of regulations for the administration to review.