Patrick Admin. Launches “Aggressive Plan” To Limit Energy Costs, Greenhouse Emissions

Massachusetts officials were in Springfield today [Tuesday] to launch what they are calling an aggressive plan by the Patrick Administration to significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions at State facilities across the Baystate. The Accelerated Energy Program announced at Springfield Technical Community College – or STCC – is a $400 million plan to retrofit some 700 government-owned sites in 700 days with various infrastructure improvements. Rick Sullivan, the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, says the retrofits will create huge savings for State government, the largest user of energy in Massachusetts.
“As a commonwealth we spend some $250m a year at our state buildings and campuses. This retrofit program will save 25% of that 250 million, which will more than pay for the capital investments that are being made in our campuses and our buildings, some of which have not seen any investment for two decades or more.”
Sullivan says the retrofits will not only save Massachusetts $43 million annually, but also add 4,000 new jobs to the state’s growing clean energy sector. He says the program has already begun at STCC, which is replacing aging boilers, chillers and cooling towers with new, more efficient systems.
“It will be different building by building across the commonwealth of Massachusetts. So you will certainly see efficiencies in lighting. And you will certainly see some solar arrays, you may see some white, cool roofs. But it [will] also be some deeper retrofits into the heating and cooling systems of the commonwealth such as here at STCC.”
That project, which is expected to save about $448,000 a year in energy costs, is scheduled to be completed by this fall.