MA State Police Issue Winter Weather Driving Reminders

Today’s afternoon flurry is turning into snow and sleet  — and could amount to about an inch of accumulation when it stops at around four in the morning. So the Massachusetts State Police have some driving tips for everyone on the road.

Even though the Northeast has already experienced a good share of winter weather this season, State Trooper Todd Nolan says driving patiently in storms saves lives. He says unfortunately too many people on the road get frustrated in bad weather.

“I know the New England mindset is, you know, stay close enough so someone can’t cut you off. However, if you’re too close and the person in front of you has to slam on their breaks, you will hit them.”

And Nolan says people in larger, all-wheel drive vehicles tend to experience a heightened sense of safety even when it’s slippery. That’s why so many of them end up spinning out.

“Please do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Your four-wheel drive vehicle does not ensure you have better stopping or steering capabilities in snow and icy roadways.”

Nolan says regardless of the kind of vehicle being driven it’s important to clear accumulated snow from windows and roofs — otherwise it can come off, hit other cars and obstruct drivers views. And he adds, removing just enough snow from the windshield to see doesn’t count.