Another Possible Entrant to US Senate Race in MA

An Oxford Massachusetts lawyer is “seriously considering” a run for the US Senate seat recently vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry. Jennie Caissie is a Republican member of the Governor’s Council, an elected body which vets judicial and other appointees. Caissie says the two Democrats in the race – Congressman Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch – have spent too much time on Capitol Hill.

“You got two guys running on the Democratic side who’ve been in DC close to 50 years. I think people want some real people I DC in terms of representing real middle class issues.”

Caissie describes herself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. She  says her Worcester County roots would serve her well in a statewide race. Other potential GOP candidates include Representative Daniel Winslow, a western Massachusetts native who lives now in Norfolk, Cohassett businessman Gabriel Gomez, and Senate Minority leader Bruce Tarr.