Governor’s Council Rejects Berkshire County Nominee – Again

Despite dedicated lobbying by former Springfield Mayor Michael Albano, the Governor’s Council, a judicial review group has rejected Governor Deval Patrick’s nominee for the Southern Berkshire bench – for the second time. The Governor’s Council is an elected body which rules on the governor’s picks for the judiciary and other state agencies, like the parole board. Last year the panel rejected, on a tie vote, Pittsfield attorney Michael McCarthy’s nomination to the Southern Berkshire District Court. Patrick re-submitted the nomination this year, hoping that turnover on the Council after last year’s election would reshape the vote. Albano, a new member of the council, lobbied hard for McCarthy, marshaling testimony from numerous McCarthy supporters.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

That’s long-time councilor Marilyn Devaney, one of several who said McCarthy had seemed to be changing answers from one hearing to the next.

“He’s a nice man. All those letters. They see him as a good person a good family man a good colleague. And he can continue as an attorney. But you can’t just be a chameleon and say what each councilor wants to hear.”

Councilors also rebuffed a suggestion by Albano that the vote be delayed to allow the panel to visit with Berkshire county residents.

“Didn’t happen. Disappointing. More disappointing for the people of Berkshire County who rallied behind attorney McCarthy with overwhelming support. So the nomination has failed and now we’ll have to move on.”

It’s now up to Governor Patrick to submit a new nominee.