Pittsfield School Committee Expected to Approve Vocational Plan

After three months of delays and discussions, the Pittsfield, Mass. school committee will vote again on Wednesday on what vocational programs should be taught at Taconic High School.

At the meeting, the Pittsfield school committee is expected to approve the vocational part of an educational plan needed to pursue renovating or rebuilding Taconic High School.

The vocational program has been debated since a recommendation was made in November to cut the auto body repair and metal fabrication programs. The proposal sparked an outpouring of criticism from the community which argued the vocations are still relevant.

In response, both programs are back in the proposed vocational plan. The new line up instead drops power equipment technology and facility management, and adds courses in office technology, early childhood care and engineering.

Kathleen Amuso is a school committee member and co-chair of the School Building Needs Commission. She says the vote is important in establishing  the timeline of the school building project.

“What we are trying to do is get in the pipeline for the design phase for you taconic site. We can’t really move forward in the project until we have our vocational programs.”

If the school committee approves the educational plan, it will then be presented to the state department of elementary and secondary education for review. Taconic currently offers a college preparatory and a vocational track. If plans for a new building or renovations are approved, the district hopes to transition Taconic into a solely vocational school.