Foreign born men and women earning more advanced degrees

Th education level of foreign born men and women 25 and older living in the United States is on the rise. And Massachusetts out ranks other states.

The data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau. Researchers at the Donahue Institute at UMass Amherst say some of the findings were surprising. Susan Strate is the Donahue’s “Population estimates” program manager.

“So in Massachusetts the native born has got 23 percent of them have a bachelors degree or higher and among the forieng born it is 17 percent, but then when you get to the advance degree that actually starts to reverse out where a higer percentage of the foreign born has an advanced degree, that is a masters degree or higher, compared to the native born.”

That’s by about 2 percent. Strate says the findings tend to be contrary with what is known about new immigrant populations.

“It probably is due to some of the higer tech industries that are advancing in Massachusetts and courting, bringing in and retaining foreign born workers who have these advanced degrees.”

The increase has been steady since 1980. Strate says researchers did not factor income into this analysis, but they did factor in age. She says the group is mostly made up of working age people, with a lesser percentafe of elderly men and women.