Massachusetts Voters face Registration For Special Senate Election

Massachusetts residents wanting to vote in the upcoming special election for the state’s US Senate seat are facing a registration deadline. Tomorrow [Wednesday] is the last day to register to be eligible to vote in the April 30th Primary. It is also the last day voters can change their party affiliation. Given the number of elections held in Massachusetts since 2009, there’s been concern fatigue or disinterest may draw fewer people to the polls. But Secretary of State William Galvin says he’s hoping voters recognize the importance of the US Senate seat.
“The Congress, that is the House of Representatives, has less likelihood of resolving big issues. Whereas the Senate, at the present time, seems to be the place that if there is any resolve of issues whether they be budgetary issues or other laws, it seems as if the possibility exists in the United States Senate. So this is an opportunity for them to put their opinions into the body that probably means the most.”
Galvin says to address both voter fatigue and the cost of holding elections, the legislature earlier this year agreed to allow communities to hold municipal elections on the same day as the April 30th Primary or the June 25th Special Election. About a dozen communities across western Massachusetts, including Hampden, Lenox and Shelburne, have opted to hold town elections on April 30th. All town clerk offices will be open until 8 o’clock Wednesday evening, and those who register in time for the primary are also registered for the June 25th Special election, though the deadline to register for that is June 5th.