Williamstown Man Runs Boston Marathon for 22nd Time: not to Compete, but to Celebrate!

The 117th running of the Boston Marathon is a hard race to qualify for. New England Public Radio’s Jill Kaufman is not running, but she has the story about someone from the region who is:

The Western Massachusetts Athletic Association got a couple of invitations to run in the Boston Marathon this year and 72 year old Eric White from Williamstown was one of the recipients. This is white’s 22nd run over the last 30 years. He ran in the 1980s and 1990s officially, and then sometimes as a bandit, as he explains – that’s someone who didn’t meet the qualifying time but ran the race at the end of the line anyway. He says this year he’s not looking to best his time. 

“When you look at 30 years of running, it only gets slower. there’s a special reason why I’m sort of coming out of retirement since I last ran this as a bandit, 

I think, 4 years ago.”

That special reason is his daughter’s 40th birthday which is today. She’s also running. Both are starting among the third wave of runners but are in different “corrals.” White says he expects his daughter will finish about an hour and a half before him, and that’s just fine because at this point, he’s in it for the celebration.