Northeast Saw Transit Disruptions During Manhunt

Many bus and train routes throughout the Northeast were disrupted as law enforcement officials continued to search the region for one of the suspects of Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon. Amtrak’s Acela Express and Northeast Regional service was suspended from Boston to New York. — though the Springfield to New Haven shuttle was still running. Peter Pan bus service to Boston was also canceled until further notice, except for its shuttle to and from Logan Airport. Logan remained open and operating under heightened security.

And Mike Alvich from said the company canceled eighteen bus trips, impacting around 1,000 customers — including those traveling from Boston to New York, New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut, as well as to Washington and Philadelphia. He said the company followed the same shutdown protocol as when severe weather events brought service to a standstill.

“When Sandy hit, the number of cancellations was significantly bigger than this because it affected many, many, many cities. So wherever there are major weather disruptions, it is very similar to like it was in Boston.”

Alvich said the company relies on phone calls, texts and social media outlets to facilitate passenger cancellations and refunds. Representatives from all three companies said transit routes could not be reinstated until law enforcement officials lifted security at Boston’s South Station.