State of Massachusetts has new Probation Chief

The State of Massachusetts has a new probation commissioner. The man in charge of the state’s juvenile justice system has been tasked with leading the Department of Probation, a state agency that had been wracked with charges of patronage hiring before a new state law, and a change in leadership. Department of Youth Services Commissioner Edward Dolan was selected to be the next Commissioner of Probation by Chief Justice of the Trial Court, Robert Mulligan, and Court Administrator Harry Spence. Dolan’s 5 year term begins June 10th. He previously served for four years as the Executive Director of the State Parole Board. Dolan’s appointment comes as the state’s former Probation Commissioner, John O’Brien, faces new federal bribery charges. O’Brien was acquitted last month of state corruption charges. The Probation Commissioner heads the Massachusetts Probation Service and the Office of Community Corrections and oversees 1,800 workers in more than 100 locations across the state